February 2-25, 2023 | Group Exhibition

In the Fire
Gerald Moore Gallery, London

In the Fire brings together works by Hings Lim, Veronika Neukirch and Pam Su at Gerald Moore Gallery’s Ground Floor exhibition space. Fire and heat are crucial to our existence. The sun, our main source of warmth and light keeps the planet from freezing and plants alive which in turn maintains life. Artists in the exhibition explore fire and light as both nurturing and destructive as well as notions of energy, renewal, and transparency in glass, ceramics, and video works.

January 28 – March 4, 2023 | Group Exhibition

Ideal Arce
Island Gallery, New York

Artists include Adriana Furlong, Hings Lim, Alex Callender, and Adam de Boer.

July 8 – August 19, 2022 | Group Exhibition

The Tale Their Terror Tells
Lyles & King, New York
Curated by Geena Brown and Lauren Guilford

Artists include Angel Lartigue, Astrid Terrazas, Chris Dorland, Chris Hood, Dan Herschlein, Danny Moynihan, Erin Jane Nelson, Farley Aguilar, Felipe Baeza, Hings Lim, Jessica Taylor Bellamy, Josh Kline, Karl Haendel, Kathy Ruttenberg, Kiyan Williams, Lila de Magalhaes, Marlene McCarty, Max Hooper Schneider, Miljohn Ruperto, Mira Schor, Sarah Jérôme, Xie Lei, Zoe Leonard

July 2 – 10, 2021 | Solo Exhibition

Imperceptible: machine, animal, plant, stone, skull
Roski Mateo Gallery, Los Angeles, California

Curated by Carlo Tuason and Kate Rouhandeh.

April 23, 2021 | Group Exhibition

Don’t Look Now
Human Resources, Los Angeles, California, USA

Artists include Danie Cansino, Jiyoon Kim, Hings Lim, Jose Guadalupe Sanchez III, Diane Williams, and Rachel Zaretsky.
Organized by Hugo Cervantes, Kate Rouhandeh, and Rachel Zaretsky.

August 29 – 30, 2021 | Group Exhibition

Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, California, USA

March 6 – May 15, 2021 | Virtual/Group Exhibition

EPOCH Gallery, www.epoch.gallery

Artists include Patty Chang, Dominique Fung, Hings Lim, Candice Lin, Ani Liu, Catalina Ouyang, Sydney Shen, Christine Wang, Ziyang Wu, Peter Wu+

January-March 2021 | Press Highlight

MFA Spotlight
Artforum International

Installation views of Imperceptible: machine, animal, plant, stone, skull, July 2 – 10, 2021, Roski Mateo Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.