July 2 – 10, 2021 | Solo Exhibition

Imperceptible: machine, animal, plant, stone, skull
Roski Mateo Gallery, Los Angeles, California

Curated by Carlo Tuason and Kate Rouhandeh.

April 23, 2021 | Group Exhibition

Don’t Look Now
Human Resources, Los Angeles, California, USA

Artists include Danie Cansino, Jiyoon Kim, Hings Lim, Jose Guadalupe Sanchez III, Diane Williams, and Rachel Zaretsky.
Organized by Hugo Cervantes, Kate Rouhandeh, and Rachel Zaretsky.

August 29 – 30, 2021 | Group Exhibition

Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, California, USA

March 6 – May 15, 2021 | Virtual/Group Exhibition

EPOCH Gallery, www.epoch.gallery

Artists include Patty Chang, Dominique Fung, Hings Lim, Candice Lin, Ani Liu, Catalina Ouyang, Sydney Shen, Christine Wang, Ziyang Wu, Peter Wu+

January-March 2021 | Press Highlight

MFA Spotlight
Artforum International