Tofu Megalith, 2021

3D models, photogrammetry, virtual installation.

Situated in a liminal place, the seemingly prehistoric megalith of tofu enfolds the unfathomable past and the elusive future. In thinking of the origin of tofu and the history of migration, Tofu Megalith generates a monumental third space to contemplate the mutability of things and subvert the centricity of self. This project is an expansion of his performance piece Tauhu (2020) that recounts his distant childhood memory of growing up at a tofu factory owned by his relatives in Malaysia. 


Wonderland, EPOCH Gallery, Los Angeles, California

6 March – 14 May 2021

Patty Chang | Dominique Fung | Hings Lim | Candice Lin | Ani Liu | Catalina Ouyang | Sydney Shen | Christine Wang | Ziyang Wu | Peter Wu+

A group exhibition featuring artists of the Chinese diaspora. All artists are based in the US. The exhibition’s context is inspired by “Wonderland” —an abandoned amusement park project located in Chenzhuang Village, China.

Related Work

Tauhu, 2020, 4K Ultra HD single-channel video, duration 6 minutes 50 seconds. Performance.


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