Studies of

Studies of Breast to Brain metastatic cancer cells and IL13, 2022

Single-channel video with stereo sound, duration 1 minute 19 seconds, continuous loop.

In collaborating with the brain metastases research by Dr. Josh Neman from the Laboratory of Cancer Neuroscience at Keck School of Medicine of USC, “Studies of Breast to Brain metastatic cancer cells and IL13” poses a sequence of overlooks of a landscape of plateaus, in the middle of ocean that forms a monumental island. Based on the research data obtained by the lab, the plateaus are the reconstruction of the z-stack fluorescence microscopy of the cancer cells and the targeted proteins. The cellular and molecular nonhuman actors are scaled, simulated, and rendered. Thinking beyond data representation, this project probes into the apparatus of scientific research, in this case the research led by Dr. Neman in seeking the why and how of the migration of cancer cells that cause brain metastases. As a series, “Studies of…” forms a cluster of islands, an archipelago, that we yearn to sail to, and maybe someday we will ashore.

Hings Lim
May 2022



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