Shelter 1.0, 2012

Public installation, black tent, ink on cotton fabric.

Shelter 1.0 is a discernible recount of the democracy revolution movement of demonstration and occupation in 2012 in Malaysia and all around the world. The public installation was confronted allude to social and political instigation, or deemed as occupation, where the reaction and interaction of participant toward the encounter of the installation were documented. The rare extension entrance of the black tent built a barrier for the participants to get inside the tent through the crawl space, constraining the participants who willing to ease the dignity of their social status to crawl on the ground.

Shelter 1.0 was installed in 6 different public locations in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia where bypassers were invited to make remarks inside the black tent in response to the question – “What are you protesting for?”

Installation views

Remarks by the participants