Shelter 1.0, 2012

Public installation, black tent, ink on cotton fabric.

Shelter 1.0, a black tent, was designed to infuse the social experience in the process of production as well as instigate the connection and interpersonal of society where the people were invited to response to “What are you protest for?” by crawl through the entrance and write their remarks inside the tent. The rare extension entrance and white enclosed interior of the tent created a private and liberal ambience inscribed the protest and desire of the participants.

This work was installed at six public locations around Kuching, Sarawak, objectively to instigate the dialogue, conversation, and discussion among the public. This work is discernible recount the democracy revolution movement of demonstration and occupation in 2012 all around the world as well as Malaysia. Installation in the public was confronted allude to social and political instigation, or deemed as occupation, where the reaction and interaction of participants toward the designed situation were recorded.

Hings Lim
Sarawak, 2012

Installation views

Remarks by the participants